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July 8, 2018


May 6, 2018

Lost People Matter

April 29, 2018

Tim’s Testimony

April 22, 2018

Love Story

April 15, 2018

The King Is Here

March 25, 2018

The proclamation of the gospel through a humble proclaimer is a demonstration of the power of God.
By choosing the lowly of the world God shows the folly of worldly wisdom.

Two Kinds of Wisdom

February 25, 2018

Believers in Christ are united together by the central truths of the gospel.
The church of Christ is established secure on the faithfulness of God's promises.

Intro- Grow Up

February 4, 2018

Zeal for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ drives us to exalt him with our lives.

God's faithfulness to the promise of a savior spurs expectant faith and service among all people.
God has given his followers the the joyful privilege of proclaiming the greatest news of all time to all people.
The wise men demonstrate the proper response to the birth of the king.
The purpose of God cannot be thwarted even by the power of evil, earthly kings.
God graciously provides our abundance so that we will declare His praises and experience His blessing.
The glory of God is the motivation and goal of the entire created world, including all humanity.
God has chosen to bring all his purposes to fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
Faith is personal trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ that results in obedience to him.
Our salvation is wholly a work of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.
The word of God is the power behind the reformation.
The Gospel that set Luther free is the Gospel that sets us free.

We will learn to stand for truth in gracious, life giving ways as we encounter those who are same sex attracted.
We need to reject sloth and work with sincerity in a way that reflects Jesus Christ.
God has given believers wisdom in his word to deal effectively with temptation.
Primary Claim: God is not slow in coming, he is patient in giving people ample opportunity to be saved.
Primary Claim: The resurrection of Jesus fills our present lives with a living hope that fuels meaningful ministry.
Primary Claim: Jesus will certainly return to earth to judge the ungodly.
God’s word equips the believer to live wisely every day and therefore shine as lights in a dark world.
Conformity to the dying age only brings eternal death.